Patient Testimonials

  • “I was hurting for 3 months; I was having a hard time lifting, standing for long periods of time, and walking long distances. Since I started using the Back on Trac at the First Choice Physical Therapy Carlin location. My back pain is 99% gone in just a few weeks! The team out there has helped me tremendously!”

    - Joe T.
  • “After my first session on the Back on Trac, I started feeling better. I experience severe pain in my back, hip, and down my right leg. I couldn’t stand for long periods of time or even walk long distances. After just a few sessions on the Back on Trac, more and more of the pain in my back, hip, and legs got less and less. I can now stand for longer periods of time, and I can walk longer distances in the yard! Using the Back on Trac has helped me get my life back.”

    - Larry J.
  • While at work in August of last year, I broke my femur, and tibia, my knee was also severely damaged. After two surgeries and physical therapy at another provider, I was not sure I would ever be able to run again, walking without a limp seemed like a lofty goal. After the second surgery, I chose First Choice Physical Therapy in Spring Creek, for no other reason than it was close to home for me. I am certainly glad that I chose them. Within the first couple of visits to First Choice Physical Therapy, I noticed a substantial improvement. Everybody at First Choice PT in Spring Creek is amazing, from the front office staff to the actual therapist. Not only did they assist me in the physical recovery, they motivated me and gave me hope that I could overcome my injury. I quickly began to look forward to my PT appointments and enjoyed going. My knee will likely never be what it was before being injured, but now, it is functional, the pain levels are tolerable and I can run. I absolutely could not have rehabilitated to this point without their help. I am very thankful for First Choice Physical Therapy and their dedication to helping people.

    - Jim M.
  • Months ago, I broke both my tibia and fibula. When I began Physical Therapy, I was unable to put more than 40 lbs on my broken leg. The Physical Therapists were very patient and helpful. The entire staff has been SO kind. The front desk is always willing to work around my schedule and the Physical Therapists are always pushing me to achieve more each time they see me. When I started; I simply wanted to “walk again”. Now, however, I am able to do (just about) everything I did before I broke my leg. This place has truly changed my life in such a wonderful way!! I HIGHLY recommend First Choice to anyone needing Physical Therapy!!

    - Jaqui H.
  • I first started going here for therapy on my hand post-surgery and the entire staff was so kind and helpful. I went back again because I have had 10 surgeries on my shoulder in the span of 24 years. This is the first physical therapy that I have found where I am able to do things with my arm that I have not been able to do in 24 years. I am constantly talking about First Choice Physical Therapy and I am constantly recommending them to people. They are the BEST in my opinion and I have been to many.

    - Smokey C.
  • This review is for ELKO Spines Physical Therapy department. Friendly knowledgeable staff really helped my daughter. Got her back up and running pain free and informed her how to keep it that way when she was finished with therapy. Great location close to home and clean during these tough COVID times.

    - Kim B.
  • Very friendly people, comfortable facility, knowledgeable Therapist. I will absolutely come back if I ever need more therapy.

    - Teg E.
  • My physical therapist is so kind and patient. He had. Even so helpful with explaining everything to me in detail, so that I can better understand my diagnosis as well as the reason for physical therapy. Each individual session has. Even pleasant and melissa is also very kind and always cheerful. I love the staff but the pain after each season is dreadful. Aside from that. I feel that physical therapy is a must in the attempt to strengthen the muscles, loosen the joints and but in my case surgery is the next step. But at least I will have a better recovery with the strength exercises we have accomplished over the past few weeks. Very grateful for my care team. Thank you, for all your help patients and kindness. Treasha Johnson ♡

    - Treasha T.
  • These people are amazing !!! For my shoulder, back, & neck, I have gone to them. They have helped me so much its unbelievable!!! I can go in and come out feeling 80-100% better than I came in. Now of only doctors could do their job, Id be alright!!! Thank you all for helping me, since, you opened here in Carlin!!! Appreciate you all so much !!!!

    - Christine W.
  • The staff is a hands on group! They make sure you are doing the stretches and exercises correctly and find ways to help alleviate any pain. Everyone there are friendly and makes your visits productive.

    - Marlene M.
  • I really like everyone at First Choice. They are warm, friendly, very professional and caring. They want to do the best for you to get you back in shape and moving on!!!

    - Mary C.
  • I love everything about the staff. The front office ladies are always so inviting and friendly. Dr. Moore and the staff are amazing as well. They know how to help you feel comfortable and listen carefully to everything you have to say. I am extremely grateful for all of them. I definitely will recommend them to anyone.

    - Justine R.