Jim M.

Dec3rd 2020

While at work in August of last year, I broke my femur, and tibia, my knee was also severely damaged. After two surgeries and physical therapy at another provider, I was not sure I would ever be able to run again, walking without a limp seemed like a lofty goal. After the second surgery, I chose First Choice Physical Therapy in Spring Creek, for no other reason than it was close to home for me. I am certainly glad that I chose them. Within the first couple of visits to First Choice Physical Therapy, I noticed a substantial improvement. Everybody at First Choice PT in Spring Creek is amazing, from the front office staff to the actual therapist. Not only did they assist me in the physical recovery, they motivated me and gave me hope that I could overcome my injury. I quickly began to look forward to my PT appointments and enjoyed going. My knee will likely never be what it was before being injured, but now, it is functional, the pain levels are tolerable and I can run. I absolutely could not have rehabilitated to this point without their help. I am very thankful for First Choice Physical Therapy and their dedication to helping people.